Quality Policy

The staff at AllForSail has more than twenty years’ experience in the sector and the services provided to our clients. This way, we can guarantee a responsible, effective and efficient service to our clients, who represent our main value and, for this reason, the services that we offer must be of maximum quality, especially taking into account their nature.

We are committed to fulfil their requirements, their needs and their expectations while developing all our service activities as ship service suppliers and Marine safety

Our quality brand is to give our clients direct and personalized assistance, using all the means at our reach to always protect their needs and interests.

To guarantee that all the above mentioned is possible, we have implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015, which we update and review continuously to improve its effectiveness and the effectiveness of its process.

Our culture and our aims are directed to achieving a greater quality regarding our services and for our clients to perceive it, improving their satisfaction day-to-day.

This policy will be the frame of the goals that will be set out each year, for which the necessary resources will be provided, within our possibilities, economic, material or human.

We know that a fundamental factor to achieve our goals is communication and encouraging the involvement of all the employees. We are all cornerstones to manage the achievement of the aims and to provide a service with the maximum quality level as possible.